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FDA-Cleared FDA-Cleared reflects the highest level of review and authorization by the FDA for a non-invasive, low-risk device like the Q-Collar.


% of athletes not wearing a Q-Collar showed significant changes in brain tissue after a season of play

The Q-Collar helps protect the brain from the damage caused by repetitive head impacts that can alter brain tissue. Athletes who were not wearing the Q-Collar were three times more likely to have significant changes in their brain tissue.


Brains Protected QCollar Brain

Top research institutions conducted extensive research on the Q-Collar, proving that wearing the Q-Collar can safely help protect the brain from injury during head impacts. This innovative solution may address a growing concern over the prevalence of brain injuries among athletes and soldiers.

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For anyone at risk of head impacts, we've got you covered.

On the sports field or battlefield, the Q-Collar is protective gear specifically designed to help safeguard the brain. While a helmet protects the skull from the outside, the Q-Collar gives an added layer of protection on the inside by limiting brain movement.

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Vernon Davis

“I’m thankful I had the chance to wear the Q-Collar and only wish I had technology like this when I was younger. It’s an added layer of protection for athletes in every practice and every game.”

Vernon Davis

Retired NFL Tight End