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How do I choose the correct size Q-Collar?

Accurate measurement is key to selecting the right size Q-Collar for you. Start by using a soft measuring tape to measure the middle of the neck. Make sure it is snug with zero slack between the tape and neck. Measure three times and use the smallest measurement. We do not recommend using a shirt size for this measurement.


How does the Q-Collar work?

The Q-Collar is a simple and safe device that applies light pressure to the jugular veins. This pressure slightly increases blood volume inside the head and helps reduce the brain’s movement upon impact, which is the primary cause of brain injury. Watch the video above for more on the science behind the Q-Collar.

Has the Q-Collar been researched?

The Q-Collar has been researched extensively for both safety and efficacy through more than 25 studies. You can review all the Q-Collar published research studies here.

What does FDA-Clearance of the Q-Collar mean?

"FDA-Cleared” reflects the highest level of review and authorization by the FDA for a non-invasive, low risk device like the Q-Collar. The FDA reserves use of the word “approved” for high risk devices. Following its thorough evaluation of the independent research, the FDA announced that the Q-Collar (a Class 2 medical device) “provides an additional piece of protective equipment athletes can wear when playing sports to help protect their brains from the effects of repetitive head impacts.”

How does the Q-Collar compare to other head protection equipment?

What sports can the Q-Collar be used for?

The Q-Collar is designed for any sport or activity where an athlete is at risk of exposure to head impacts. Visit our Instagram to see the athletes helping protect themselves with the Q-Collar.

Will the Q-Collar interfere with or prevent me from wearing other equipment?

The Q-Collar can and should be worn with other protective equipment. It sits comfortably below any helmets, above any shoulder pads, typically fits comfortably under a hockey athlete’s existing neck guard and has no impact on the efficacy or usage of your other equipment.

Which leagues and organizations allow usage of the Q-Collar?

Wearing of the Q-Collar is permitted by numerous sports leagues or organizations, including the following: 


The National Football League, Major League Soccer, National Women’s Soccer League, NCAA, USA Lacrosse, National Federation of High Schools (all sports except wrestling), Canadian Football League, International Bobsleigh & Skeleton Federation, in addition to other youth and club sports organizations throughout the country.


The US FDA and Health Canada have authorized the Q-Collar for use by all athletes ages 13 and over.


What is the Q-Collar’s return policy?

If you’re not completely satisfied with your purchase, you will receive a full refund upon receipt of your returned order, as long as the product is not damaged or misshapen and is returned in its original packaging and with accessories within 30 days.

Can I order the Q-Collar for my team?

Yes. Team orders are available, and we are happy to provide more information. Please contact us to facilitate your order.

Is the Q-Collar FSA or HSA eligible?

While plans may differ, because the Q-Collar is an OTC Class II Medical Device, the purchase of your Q-Collar is eligible for payment from either your flexible spending account (FSA*) and health savings account (HSA**).  For convenience, you should use your FSA or HSA card.  However, your account administrator may request a copy of your receipt.  If you do not have an FSA or HSA card, you can use your regular credit or debit card and submit the receipt to your account administrator for reimbursement from your FSA or HSA.

*An FSA is an employer offered benefit that lets you set aside pre-tax income so you can save money on qualified health purchases including OTC products, prescriptions, vision health essentials, and much more. 

**An HSA is a tax-advantaged medical savings account available to taxpayers in the United States who are enrolled in a high-deductible health plan.  

Our Partnerships

How do I become a Q-Collar Ambassador?

Are you a Q-Collar Athlete? Message us on our Instagram for a chance to be featured in our Spotlight Series.

What is Q30’s relationship with the Premier Lacrosse League?

Q30, and its product the Q-Collar, is a Proud Partner of the Premier Lacrosse League. The partnership began for the 2022 season and recognizes Q30 as the Brain Injury Protection Equipment Partner of the PLL.

Where can I read news stories about the Q-Collar?

The Q-Collar has been covered on a variety of outlets such as ESPN, The Athletic, Yahoo!, USA Today, CNN, Bloomberg, SportTechie, The Action Network and more. To see some of the coverage we’ve received, check out our news page!

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