Athletes Unlimited Lacrosse Player Alex Aust on Her Equipment Must-Have - Q30

Alex Aust is no stranger to the spotlight, both on and off the field. An Under Armour All-American in high school, Aust was recruited to play at the University of Maryland. While at Maryland, Aust won the Atlantic Coast Conference Championship in each of her four seasons. Additionally, Aust was a two-time All-American and a Tewaaraton Award finalist her senior year.

Since graduating, Aust has been involved in a wide array of endeavors, both on and off the field. As a player, Aust has competed professionally in the UWLX, the WPLL and most recently in the Athletes Unlimited league. Aust has also been a member of the US Women's National Team, with whom she won a World Cup in 2017.

Outside of lacrosse, Aust has become a major figure in the health & wellness space as a fitness influencer and model. Most notably, Aust created a virtual fitness community called The Sweaat Life which trains and empowers hundreds of female athletes per week. Additionally, Aust leads virtual fitness classes as a part of Under Armour's Home Workout Series.

Leading up to the 2022 season, Aust sat down to talk about what wearing the Q-Collar in practice and competition means to her and how it can have an impact on lacrosse now and in the future.

Why do you wear the Q-Collar?

“I wear the Q-Collar because as a professional women’s lacrosse player, it is a very physical sport and I want to play for as long as possible. Having a simple piece of equipment like this can potentially help prolong my career.”

How does it feel to wear the Q-Collar?

“The Q-Collar feels like another piece of equipment. Once you get used to it, it barely feels like it’s there.”

How do you think the Q-Collar will impact youth lacrosse?

“Lacrosse, I think, is the best sport in the world. It combines the physicality of so many different sports. I think one of the biggest fears of parents when they’re introducing their kid to the game is the level of injuries their child can have at a young age. The Q-Collar will help so many young kids continue to play such an awesome, physical sport as long as they want.”

To learn more about why Alex and other elite female and male lacrosse players are wearing the Q-Collar, please check out this video.

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