How Premier Lacrosse League Defenseman Jack Rowlett Helps Himself Play Safe - Q30

During his standout lacrosse career, Jack Rowlett has already achieved significant success on the collegiate, professional and international stages. At the University of North Carolina, Rowlett was a two-time All-Atlantic Coast Conference (ACC) team selection and a two-time USILA All-American selection (2018 & 2019). While at UNC, he also he won the U-19 World Championship in 2016 with Team USA.

Despite only being in the Premier Lacrosse League (PLL) for two seasons, Rowlett has already won a league championship in 2021 and has twice been nominated for Defensive Player of the Year while playing for the Chaos. Outside of the PLL season, he has served as an assistant coach at Georgetown University the past two years.

Rowlett recently sat down to discuss why he wears the Q-Collar and what he thinks it can mean for the sport.

Why do you wear the Q-Collar?

“I wear the Q-Collar because lacrosse is a physical game. It helps mitigate brain injuries. It’s something that can hopefully allow you to play longer because it helps in limiting brain injuries. Given how prevalent brain injuries are nowadays, it’s something I’m very aware of. It’s something that I make sure I put at the forefront of my concerns when I’m getting ready to play every day.”

How does it feel to wear the Q-Collar?

“Wearing the Q-Collar feels like any other piece of equipment that I put on before I play. After a few minutes running around, you almost don’t even realize you’re wearing it.”

How will the Q-Collar impact youth lacrosse?

“I think the Q-Collar helps youth lacrosse because it could help keep kids playing the game longer. You never want a situation where a game a kid loves is taken away from them because of any injury, let alone brain injury. If the Q-Collar can be something that prolongs the length of time that kids can play then that’s an amazing feat within itself.”


To learn more about why Jack and other elite male and female lacrosse players are wearing the Q-Collar, please check out this video.

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