How Vernon Davis Helped Protect His Brain for Life After Football - Q30

A 2x Pro Bowler and Super Bowl champion, Vernon Davis was one of the National Football League's most dynamic Tight Ends throughout his thirteen-year career. In addition to his on-field play, Vernon earned a reputation for his intense fitness regime and his dedication to keeping his body and mind as strong and healthy as possible. A believer that he needed to do more to help protect his brain for life after football, Vernon began wearing the Q-Collar while playing for what is now the Washington Commanders.

Vernon recently reflected on his football playing days and why he chose to be an early adopter of the Q-Collar.

“Football is more mental than physical. Everything we do in sports is more mental than physical. We spend so much time running hills, hurdling, doing agilities, in the weight room. You need these things in order to excel. But if your mind’s not right, you can’t do any of that. Unless you’re taking care of yourself physically and mentally, it’s going to be tough.

Whenever there’s physical contact involved, a lot of people are concerned about repetitive hits. That’s where Q-Collar comes in. When I was playing, I wore this all the time. I felt safe, I felt protected.”

Today, Vernon is focused on building his business and acting careers and is a member of the Sports Advisory team for Q30 Innovations, the maker of the Q-Collar. 

To learn more about Vernon Davis’ experience wearing the Q-Collar, watch the video here.

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