PLL’s Michael Sowers on How He Helps Protect Himself From Brain Injury - Q30

Michael Sowers is one of the fastest and shiftiest players in men’s lacrosse. A former 3x First Team All-American at Princeton & Duke, he was the 2nd overall pick in the Premier Lacrosse League (PLL) Entry Draft in 2021 and is currently an Attackman for the Waterdogs. After sustaining a serious head injury early in his rookie season, Sowers sought new solutions to help protect himself on the field. After discovering the Q-Collar, it has been a part of his equipment ever since.

After his rookie season, Sowers provided some great insight on the physical nature of lacrosse and how the Q-Collar has become a critical added layer of protection for him:

“Lacrosse is meant to be a physical sport. You’re going to get hit. Eventually, somebody’s going to get you. As players become bigger, faster and stronger, the head injury side of things is really scary. I have taken a lot of repetitive hits. Unfortunately, it naturally just builds up over time.

To have something that combats that is really key. The Q-Collar is just an absolute game changer.  I have confidence in the fact that me wearing the Q-Collar will protect me and more importantly, will help protect my brain.”

To learn more about Sowers’ Q-Collar experience, watch the video here.

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