Q-Collar’s Presence Felt At The 2022 World Lacrosse Women’s World Games - Q30

After five long years, fans were honored with the return of the 2022 World Lacrosse Women's World Championship. The tournament brought together the most devoted and driven women’s lacrosse athletes as they competed for the top title in international lacrosse. It’s a life changing experience as these women were able to make their mark. We are proud to say our Q-Collar athletes did just that!

The use of the Q-Collar has taken the lacrosse world by storm. This could not be more evident coming off the 2022 World Lacrosse Women’s World Championship. With three of the top teams, Team USA, Team Canada, and Team Australia, sporting athletes wearing the Q-Collar, it showed how the best in the world are embracing innovation and taking the necessary steps to help protect themselves on the field. From Team USA, Taylor Cummings showed us what she’s made of while wearing the Q-Collar. But she wasn’t alone - from Team Canada, teammates Dana Dobbie and Kameron Halsall also came ready to play, as well as multiple players on Team Australia.

Team USA ultimately won gold by posting an 11-8 victory over Canada in the Championship and closing out the tournament with a show stopping record of 8-0. Team USA wouldn’t have been complete without Q-Collar athlete, Taylor Cummings, as she won the tournament's Most Valuable Player. Cummings proved her MVP award to be very deserving with an amazing 10 goals, seven assists and 26 draw controls in her final World Championship game.

The two-time gold medalist confirmed via Instagram on July 23rd that she is retiring from the U.S. National Team program. Cummings ended her National Team career with a total of 21 goals, 12 assists and 56 draw controls, a National Team record. This, in addition to a record-breaking collegiate career, leaves many to label her the best women’s lacrosse player out there.

Speaking of GOATs, Dana Dobbie continues to dominate on Team Canada. Although Canada was unable to pull away from Team USA in the Women’s World Championship, Dobbie was named to the All-World team for her dominant performance with 13 draw controls and 13 goals, one of which was featured on SportsCenter Top 10. Following the World Championship, she immediately went down to the World Sixes Tournament where she led Team Canada to the gold and received the prestigious Wes Patterson Award.

As one chapter of international competition closes, we are excited to see the next generation of players evolve in the sport. For now, we switch our focus to watching Q-Collar Teammate Alex Aust compete in the Athletes Unlimited league that kicked off July 21st.


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