Q30 Innovations Partners with Alert Services to Bring Q-Collar to Sports Medicine Professionals Nationwide - Q30

We are proud to announce that Alert Services will now be offering the Q-Collar. For over 50 years, Alert Services has been servicing the sports medicine and healthcare needs for high schools, colleges, and professional teams across the nation. Alert Services is a privately-owned and woman-led business whose mission is to keep athletes on the field of play by providing the latest sports medicine and equipment innovations.    

“We are excited that Alert Services has chosen to offer the Q-Collar to its customers,” said Q30’s Co-CEO Tom Hoey. “As a leading provider to professionals in the sports medicine industry, Alert Services helps us continue to validate the Q-Collar’s place in every equipment and training room across the country.”

To learn more about Alert Services and to connect with them on a Q-Collar purchase, please visit their website or call them at (800) 688-3767.

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