Quick Hits with Green Bay Packers Tight End Josiah Deguara - Q30

Over the past three seasons, Green Bay Packers Tight End Josiah Deguara has developed into one of Aaron Rodgers’ most reliable targets.

At the University of Cincinnati, Deguara was a one of the most-dynamic pass-catching Tight Ends in school history, as he became only the 2nd Cincinnati Tight End to pass 1,000 yards receiving. As a Bearcat, Deguara was named to the 2018 Second-Team All-American Athletic Conference (AAC) Team and the 2019 First-Team All-American Athletic Conference (AAC) Team.

After finishing his collegiate career, Deguara was selected in the 3rd Round (94th Overall) of the 2020 NFL Draft by the Green Bay Packers. Since then, Deguara has served as a key contributor to the Packers’ Offense and Special Teams success.

Now, after finishing his third National Football League season, we had the chance to ask Josiah a few questions about his experience with the Packers and why he decided to start wearing the Q-Collar:

What is your favorite moment in your career?

“My favorite moment in my career so far has to be my first touchdown reception scored versus our division rivals, the Minnesota Vikings, back in 2021.”

Is there a particular coach that’s had a profound impact on you?

“I’ve been fortunate enough to play for some really good coaches throughout my football career, but I would have to say my high school coach has had a great impact on me, and on my life. He’s always valued the person above the player, and I’ll forever be grateful for that.”

What is your favorite part about being a Packer?

“My favorite part of being a Green Bay Packer is that I’m able to be a part of such a historic organization and that I get to play in front of a sold-out stadium of die-hard fans every week.”

How did you first hear about the Q-Collar?

“I first heard about the Q-Collar from a teammate, (Safety) Adrian Amos, who was wearing it and I was interested in learning more. I spoke to him, and then connected with my agents at Wasserman to try out the Collar for myself.”

What made you decide to try the Q-Collar?

“After researching all the positive effects the Q-Collar provides me both physically and mentally, it was an easy decision to add it to my daily equipment. Brain health and safety are things that every player should put at the top of their list, and I believe the Collar is something that absolutely protects that.”

What Tight Ends around the league do you try to model your game after?

“There are so many great players around the league at my position, from Travis Kelce and George Kittle to Mark Andrews and Mercedes Lewis. However, I truly try to become the best version of myself and work on my own game to get it to the highest level possible every day.”

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