Quick Hits with Notre Dame Linebacker JD Bertrand - Q30

Notre Dame Linebacker JD Bertrand has turned himself into a household name in college football circles and put himself firmly on the NFL radar. Before arriving in South Bend, Bertrand was named the Georgia 7-AAAA Defensive Player of the Year and lead Blessed Trinity Catholic High School to back-to-back state championships.

Since arriving on campus as a four-star recruit, Bertrand has made a significant impact on the Fighting Irish both through his on-field performance, and his leadership. On the field, Bertrand was named to the 2021 Phil Steele All-Independent First-Team and was named a team captain for the 2023 season. For leadership off the field and in the community, Bertrand was named to the 2022 Allstate AFCA Good Works Team and was named a 2023 Wuerffel Trophy Finalist.

In the midst of a stellar senior season, Bertrand answered a few questions about life off the field, his career aspirations, and why, beginning this year, Bertrand is wearing the Q-Collar to help protect his brain on the field.

What does it mean to you to be represent Notre Dame? 

“Knowing that Notre Dame is one of the top institutions in the nation for both academics and football, I feel blessed for the opportunity to represent the school and its alumni.”

Who in the NFL today do you try to model your game after? 

“This past offseason I spent a lot of time studying Luke Kuechly and Sean Lee. I even got the opportunity to talk to them and ask them any questions I had.”

What ultimately made you decide to make the Q-Collar a part of your equipment? 

After having a concussion this past season, I wanted to find something that made me feel safe and secure when taking the field again. Ultimately, I landed upon the Q-Collar and have been feeling great ever since wearing it.”

What would you say to other athletes interested in the Q-Collar? 

“I would tell other athletes to give it a try. It can only help them in the short-term, and it has even bigger potential to help them in the long run.”

What led you to major in Marketing at Notre Dame? 

“I really enjoyed the psychology side of marketing but wanted a business background as well, which led me to marketing.”

Is there a sport outside of football that you follow most closely?? 

“I enjoy following baseball as well because my brother is a current minor league pitcher for the San Francisco Giants organization.”

What are your hobbies or interests outside of football? 

“I enjoy the outdoors, traveling, and fitness. I specifically enjoy doing yoga, trying out new sports, and hanging out with friends.”

What are your aspirations after Notre Dame? 

“After Notre Dame, I aspire to play professionally and then see where life takes me from there.”

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