Quick Kicks with Angel City FC Defender Megan Reid - Q30

Angel City FC Defender Megan Reid has traveled an uncommon path to National Women’s Soccer League stardom. In fact, she even walked away from the sport entirely at one point.

After her time at Miramonte High School in Orinda, CA, Reid signed on to play soccer for The University of Virginia. While in Charlottesville, Reid was an integral piece of the Cavaliers’ success, earning a spot on the 2nd Team All-ACC Women's Soccer Team. After graduating, Megan decided to pursue other interests outside of soccer and return home to the Bay Area, taking a job as an Emergency Medical Technician. Eventually, after talking to her former college teammates, Annaugh Madsen and Veronica Latsko, Reid got back into the game. After playing eight games for the Senior Team of her youth club, Lamorinda United of the WPSL, Reid earned her first NWSL tryout with the San Diego Wave. While that opportunity did not come to fruition, Reid had the chance to try out with Angel City FC shortly after. She not only made the team, but earned her place as a starter in every game her rookie season.

Now, in her second season as a key contributor to Angel City FC’s defensive unit, her path to get here is not the only thing unique about her. Reid has also decided to become one of the league’s first athletes to make the Q-Collar a part of her kit.

Recently, we had the chance to ask Reid a series of questions on her career, life off the field, as well as how and why she got involved with Q-Collar:

What is your favorite moment in your career?

“My favorite moment had to be our home opener at Banc of California last year. I had the opportunity to play in the biggest stadium I'd ever seen as well as win our first game in the league. It was a huge moment in my career and for setting a new standard within the NWSL.”

Who were your favorite players growing up?

“I never had a player that I followed continuously. I was playing multiple sports and honestly didn't have a lot of time to invest in watching soccer in general. I did however love the big events like the World Cups or Olympics and was always a fan of watching the US team. When I retired after college, I ended up watching soccer way more and loved the way that Rose Lavelle played so I followed her for the 5 years before coming back to play.”

Is there a particular coach or teammate that had a profound impact on you as a player?

“I have had the privilege of having some of the most amazing coaches at all levels of sport. My basketball coach when I was younger, Kelly Sopak, really pushed me and supported me in whatever I was doing. My youth soccer coach, Pedro Osorio, believed that I could play in college and was integral in finding my way to the University of Virginia. However, when I got to Virginia, I had never had a coach like Steve Swanson. He is still such an important part of my life. Steve helped me grow as a player and person as well as helped me through one of the difficult times of my life. It was under Steve that I made the transition to defender and found my new position and passion. Not only was he integral to my development personally and professionally in college but he made a dream into a reality, helping me get back into soccer and find a place in the NWSL after 4 years of retirement.”

How did you first learn about the Q-Collar?

“I learned about Q-Collar on Instagram when I was looking for something that might help my brain health. I have unfortunately suffered a few concussions, which were part of the reason I decided to stop playing after college. I knew that if I was going to come back and continue to play, I had to find a way to preserve brain health for whatever future path I decide to walk.”

What made you decide to make the Q-Collar a part of your equipment?

“Simple and easy, protect my brain in any way that I can.”

Did your experience in medicine as an EMT (Paramedic) help influence your decision to start wearing the Q-Collar?

“I think my knowledge as a paramedic helped me understand how the body works which convinced me on the science behind the Q-Collar and ultimately led to me reaching out to Q-Collar.”

Now that you are in your second season with Angel City FC, what is your favorite thing about Los Angeles?

“I think my favorite thing about LA is the fan base that we have. There is nothing better than showing up to a game and getting to live in that atmosphere for a few hours. It is what so many kids dream about! I also love the friendships that I have cultivated on this team and that I know will be with me for life.”

What do you enjoy doing in your free time away from the sport?

“I spend a ton of time with my dog. Brody is my 17-year-old Labrador Retriever and my heart and soul. I also enjoy a good TV or book series!”

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