What Does Auburn Linebacker Wesley Steiner Wear on His Neck? - Q30

Auburn University Linebacker Wesley Steiner is no stranger to the spotlight. Hailing from Warner Robins, GA, Steiner committed to Auburn University in 2020 as a four-star recruit, ranking 97th overall and as the 7th-best Inside Linebacker in his class. To cap off his high school career, Steiner was also selected to play in the Under Armour All-America Game.

He made an immediate impact for the Tigers, playing in nine games during his Freshman season in 2020.  During his Sophomore Season, Steiner was a key contributor on special teams and as a reserve Linebacker, earning SEC Special Teams Player of the Week. Looking ahead to the 2022 season, Steiner projects to be leader on Auburn’s defense as the starting weak-side “WILL” Inside Linebacker.

Leading up to the season, Steiner elaborated on the Q-Collar and what it means to him to wear it.

Why do you wear the Q-Collar?

“I wear the Q-Collar to help protect my brain when I’m playing football. It’s a very violent and contact-focused sport so for me to have the extra protection for my mental health, it means I can play the game I love playing for a longer period of time. If I play longer, I can impact more people and I can make more plays.”

How does the Q-Collar feel?

“It’s pretty comfortable at this point. I remember the first time I wore it; it might have felt uncomfortable because you’re not used to having a new sensation around your neck. Once you wear it long enough and you get past an adjustment period, it works like a glove. It feels normal. It feels natural. There’s no negative to me wearing it at all. I even wear it when I work out.”

Why should someone wear the Q-Collar?

“You should wear the Q-Collar if you want to give yourself the best chance to perform at what you do. Your body cannot function without your brain so to protect your brain at all times is a ‘no-brainer.’ The best performance is the best you and if you want the best you, you wear a Q-Collar.”

To watch Wesley’s conversation, click the link here.

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