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Widely considered the best women’s lacrosse player in the world, Taylor Cummings has been at the top of the game throughout her college and professional career. Arriving at the University of Maryland as the nation’s top recruit, Taylor became the most decorated Women’s Lacrosse athlete in NCAA history, becoming the only athlete to win both the Tewaaraton Award and the Honda Sports Award for Women’s Lacrosse three times (2014, 2015 & 2016).

Since graduating college, Taylor has been a regular member of the US National Women's Lacrosse Team and is competing in the upcoming World Lacrosse Women’s World Championship. She’s also been involved in high school coaching and playing professionally – most recently in the Athletes Unlimited league, where she captured the inaugural Athletes Unlimited Title, earning 1,943 points.

Cummings recently adopted the Q-Collar as part of her standard equipment to help keep her safe while on the field and to set a good example for youth athletes. Hear more about Taylor’s thoughts on the Q-Collar below.

Why do you wear the Q-Collar?

“I wear the Q-Collar because it’s an easy way to help protect my brain and to keep me safe while I play. It’s just another piece of equipment that I put on like my goggles, my mouthguard and my cleats and I don’t have to worry about anything as far as my head goes when I go out and compete.”

How does it feel to wear the Q-Collar?

“Wearing the Q-Collar is really easy. Once I get playing, I don’t even really notice it’s on. It’s something that is like an invisible shield almost that I put on. Similar to my goggles and mouthguard, once you’re playing, you never notice it.”

How will the Q-Collar impact youth lacrosse?

“Right now, the lacrosse world is pushing to have women and girls in helmets. I think by wearing the Q-Collar and having that be accessible to youth players, all the way through high school, college and beyond, it helps make our game safer. It helps make the players of our game safer. It helps keep the sport of women’s lacrosse true to what it is.”

To learn more about why Taylor and other elite female and male lacrosse players are wearing the Q-Collar, please check out this video.

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