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Large Q-Collar device

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The Q-Collar is an added layer of brain protection that is proven to help protect the brain. Research showed that athletes not wearing it were 3x more likely to have significant changes in their brain tissue after a season of play.

Q-Collar VS
Other Head Protection
Q30 Collar Other product
Reduces Brain Movement
Backed by Clinical Research
FDA Cleared
FSA/HSA Eligible

Hear from PLL + Team USA players Rob Pannell and Jesse Bernhardt on wearing the Q-Collar


How does the Q-Collar work?

The Q-Collar is a simple and safe device that applies light pressure to the jugular veins. This pressure causes a slight increase of blood volume inside the head and helps reduce the brain’s movement upon impact, which is the primary cause of brain injury. Similar to a seatbelt in a car, the Q-Collar helps to keep the brain more secure during impacts.

Does the Q-Collar come in other colors?

The Q-Collar itself comes in one color. For additional color options, there are 12 different Q-Collar Sleeve colors that can help you match your uniform. Custom Team Sleeves are available for bulk orders.

Has the Q-Collar been researched?

Yes! The Q-Collar was the subject of 28 independent pre-clinical and clinical studies over 10 years performed by leading research institutions in the US and Canada. This extensive body of research led to FDA clearance in 2021, validating that the Q-Collar is both safe and effective with no impact on athletic performance.

Visit our Science page to learn more about our research findings.

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